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    Syscal Pro Multi Channel Resistivity Meter with Multi Electrode Switching Capability

    1. Resistivity Meter Specifications

    Syscal Pro Resistivity MeterA ten channel resistivity meter representing the pinnacle of resistivity meter design.

    The Syscal Pro is unsurpassed in transmitting power, number of channels, and features. No matter what your application may be, if it uses the resistivity technique this system can meet your needs, whether for ground water exploration, salt water intrusion studies, archaeology, environmental monitoring, mineral exploration, or marine surveys.

    If you are looking for a simpler resistivity meter, such as a single channel design that allows electrode switching, please go to If you are looking for the most basic, traditional type, four electrodes-at-a time type resistivity meter please go to

    Click here if you need to rent or learn more about the Syscal Pro Meter.

    A multi channel resistivity meter realizes the advantages of multiple channels by measuring voltage on adjacent dipoles. The Syscal Pro allows a maximum input voltage of 15V on the first dipole, and then up to an additional 15V total on the remaining dipoles. When running the system as an automated electrode switching(imaging) system not all of the dipoles can always be utilized. So, in practice an improvement factor of 7-8 is typically realized, rather than the theoretical ten times improvement in speed.

    Transmitting power on a standard Syscal Pro is 1,000V(2,000V peak to peak). With optional external converters the voltage limit may be increased to 1,500V. In all cases maximum current is 2.5A, with maximum power of 250Watt(500-1,200W with external converter). This high power may be used not only for reaching greater depths, but also to shorten survey time, as fewer stacks will be needed when signal levels are optimal.

    Syscal Pro Resistivity Meter

    The Syscal Pro may be used as a traditional four electrode resistivity meter, or all ten dipoles may be used to improve the speed of sounding surveys. Most users will take advantage of the optional Switch capability to automatically switch through some number of electrodes, running a preprogrammed array. These new switching systems are often referred to as resistivity imaging systems. They greatly improve field productivity, often by a factor of ten or more.

    Syscal Pro resistivity meters may be equipped with internal switches to support groups of 24 electrodes with a total of 24-96 electrodes, at spacings from 5-10 meters. To support 3D acquisition additional Switch Pro boxes may be placed on parallel lines, with each of these boxes also supporting 24-96 electrodes. This creates a true 3D array of electrodes with perhaps four lines of profiles of 96 electrodes each. Syscal Pro Resistivity Meter

    Typical survey speed for a field crew of two using a Syscal Pro Switch 96 resistivity system at 5m spacing might be on the order of four kilometers per day. This is based on about 45 minutes to place cables and electrodes, and then fifteen minutes acquisition time, typical for an array of 1,000 measurement points. This is based on using a 150 milli- second time pulse, which can normally provide good results when IP data are not needed. For 3D surveys two types of line layouts are possible, as shown to the left and below.

    For 3D surveys two types of line layouts are possible, as shown to the left and below. At the left are shown eight lines of 24 electrodes each, with the system set to roll to additional lines.

    Here we show the ability of the system to roll along the line, running 4 sets of 48 electrodes per line. For practical ease the recommended array is a combination of in-line colinear dipole-dipole, and broadside equatorial dipole-dipole, the latter having a greater depth of investigation.

    Here we show the ability of the system to roll along the line, running 4 sets of 48 electrodes per line

    Syscal Pro may be used for continuous resistivity data collectionThe Syscal Pro may be used for continuous resistivity data collection on land or water. The basic unit has a continuous data collection mode, and GPS integration. With continuous data collection data memory may be quickly used. In this case the optional Sysmar software allows a notebook computer to be used to control the system, and to display pseudo sections as data is collected. With Sysmar data is stored with GPS and depth sounder information to the computer hard disk so that storage is no longer an issue.

    Cables for marine or land continuous data collection modes are availableCables for marine or land continuous data collection modes are available. Marine cables will typically have graphite electrodes at spacings designed to work in the water depth of interest. Freshwater surveys are done with the cable floating on the surface. To penetrate into the bottom of the lake or river the electrode spacing should be similar to the expected water depth, i.e. spacings of 3 meters should be used in water depths no greater than 3 meters.


    Cables for continuous land acquisition use electrodes made of Cables for continuous land acquisition use electrodes made of...

    Borehole surveys may be done using cables designed with a connector only at the up hole end, or with user supplied cables leading the wire back to an adapter box designed to accept bare wire connections and to connect to the Syscal Pro. The operator may then program the Syscal Pro to start up the array daily using two alarm settings. Optionally the ComSys Remote software package may be installed on a local computer. This software then controls the Syscal Pro and sends the array to be run to the instrument, and then stores data to the computer. In this way any number of arrays may be programmed at any user defined interval for long term monitoring. If the PC is on a network then the entire system may be run remotely.

    Induced Polarization(IP) measurements are made in 20 user programmable windows. The user may define delay time and width for each window, or accept the default positions. The graphic screen on the Syscal Pro allows viewing of the IP windows as data is collected.

    Resistivity Meter Specifications


    • Automatic injection ranging, microprocessor controlled.
    • Current 2.5A Maximum.
    • Voltage 1,000V standard(2,000V peak to peak), up to 1,500V with external converters.
    • Power 250 Watt, or up to 1,200W with external converter.
    • Pulse Duration 0.15, 0.25, 0.50, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, and 8.0 seconds.
    • Current Precision 0.2% typical.


    • Input Impedance 10M?
    • Input Voltage channel 1 15V, channels 2-10 additional 15V.
    • Input Voltage protection 1,000V.
    • Notch Filters 50 and 60 Hz.
    • Voltage Measurement 0.2% typical, 1?V resolution.
    • Automatic stacking and averaging.
    • Automatic SP correction includes linear drift correction on every third stack with real time digital filtering.
    • Induced polarization 20 user defined or preprogrammed windows.
    • Simultaneous measurement of voltage and current.


    • Memory for 21,000 readings.
    • Serial RS232 data transfer port.
    • Serial port for GPS input.
    • Operating temperature -20?C to +70?C.
    • Weight 10Kg.
    • Size 31 x 23 x 23cm.
    • Power supply 2 internal 12V 7.2Ahr batteries, or external 12V.

    Standard System-Syscal Pro includes Syscal Pro console with internal batteries, 2 battery chargers, 12V external power cable, data transfer cable, and ProSys software for data transfer, data management and filtering, and conversion to third party software formats for inversion modeling.


    Syscal Pro Switch type systems add internal switches to the Pro console to support 24, 48, 72, or 96 electrodes at spacings of 5 or 10m typical, or any user defined spacing up to 10m. These systems will come with all necessary cables, electrodes and connecting clips. To order a system of this type the model is described as Syscal Pro Switch 24 at 5m spacing, or Syscal Pro Switch 96 at 10m spacing, etc.

    Switch Pro external switch boxes are primarily used to support additional parallel lines for 3D acquisition. They are also sometimes used to support borehole ERT surveys. They are offered in groups of 24 electrodes and are described as Switch Pro 24, Switch Pro 48, etc.

    Adapter Boxes for Syscal Pro consoles are designed to match the number of electrodes in the console, and are used to convert from the multi pin connectors at the back of the console to cables terminating in bare wire, as may be used by users creating their own borehole cable.

    Sysmar Software is used for marine acquisition and permits a notebook PC to be used for real time display of pseudo section and depth sounder data, as well as to use permit data storage on the computer.

    ComSys Software is used for remote monitoring. It permits arrays to be stored on a local PC and to have them scheduled to run as selected by the operator. Data is then stored to the local PC. If the PC is on a network it may then be remotely controlled.

    Cable for marine acquisition will include 13 graphite electrodes at user defined spacing, with a specified lead in length, and tail length if desired. A typical cable might be 15m lead in at 3m spacing.

    Cable for continuous ground survey will have 13 stainless steel electrodes with some lead in length. Typical cable might be 3m lead in at 3m spacing.

    External 500W converter, supplied by external 12V battery.

    External 1,200W AC/DC Converter with generator.

    Ventilated Box to replace standard water resistant console box. Ventilated box is for use for long term monitoring, to reduce risk of overheating with twenty four hour operations.


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